Electric Dog Fence FAQ

General Dog Fence FAQ

Is Pet Stop of the Big Bend associated with Invisible Fence®, Petsafe®, Dogwatch®, DogGuard® or any other brand of electronic, underground pet fencing other than Pet Stop®?
No, Pet Stop of the Big Bend is an authorized dealer for Pet Stop® brand fence systems and products only, and we only provide manufacturer warranties on Pet Stop® brand systems and products. We DO provide independent service on competitors’ fencing brands, including Invisible Fence® systems.

I have an aggressive dog – can I still use this kind of electric fence to contain him?
If your dog is aggressive, we will install the underground fence system ONLY if it’s use is going to be combined with a pre-existing wooden or chain-link fence.  We also don’t recommend the use of corrections on an aggressive dog, but suggest that you contact your veterinarian for alternative training recommendations.

Do you sell indoor pet fences too?
Yes, we do have indoor pet containment solutions available – you can keep entire rooms pet-free, or you can pinpoint a pet-free zone down to just a few feet. Our indoor systems are also designed to work flawlessly with your outdoor pet containment system.

Dog Fence Training FAQ

Is there a specific age or size my pet has to be before we train them to the new fence?
We recommend that pets be at least 8 weeks old before beginning training.
There are no size limits for pets – our highly customizable receiver settings and training technique allow us to train everything from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.

Can I train a cat to the fence?
Yes, cats can be trained the fence system. Our indoor pet containment solutions are also especially useful for maintaining cat-free zones in your home.

How long does training usually take?
Since each pet’s temperament is unique and the training is custom-tailored to best suit their learning needs, the time to train them may vary – most pets are trained to the fence within 2 weeks or so.

Pet Fencing Products FAQ

How long do the batteries last?
Battery life is determined by how often your pet tests the boundaries.
Most batteries last from 3 months to a year.

How will I know when the batteries need replacing?
Our receivers come equipped with a Flash Alert® low battery light that will allow you to change the batteries out before they die.

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