Electric Dog Fence Training: Humane and Low-Stress

Humane, Low-Stress Training with GentleSteps™Pet Stop of the Big Bend uses a new, revolutionary pet fence training method that will have your pets trained and used to their new boundaries in no time! The GentleSteps™ training method utilizes low-level corrections that merely startle your pet into retreating from the boundary – no shocks!  By utilizing gentle tickle corrections as well as positive reinforcement (treats!), this takes a lot of the stress out of the training for you and your pet, and can even be fun!

Your pet is in the best of hands with Pet Stop of the Big Bend and GentleSteps™!

GentleSteps reduces stress and behavior problems.
GentleSteps trained pets are happier and learn faster.
GentleSteps  provides greater peace of mind.

Low-Stress Dog Fence Training with GentleSteps™

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